Saturday, April 4, 2009

Angel's Birthday!

Today is Angel's birthday, but since today is a holiday (Tomb Sweeping day) we got together last night for her birthday celebration!

Angel invited 6 friends, including Nick and me, to go out to a local KTV (which stands for Karaoke TV); it was a blast!

At 6:30pm Angel picked Nick and I up at our place and took us over to the KTV. She brought a huge spread of food for everyone including noodles, oil rice, salmon, tiny octopus (which I have to admit, I wasn't brave enough to try), tofu, and beef. She also brought two bottles of wine which she proceeded to cork and pour into a pitcher full of ice.... I must say, I thought this was quite a peculiar way to serve red wine... but to each his own.

Two things really got the party started: 1) Eric arrived and he is a FUN guy and fantastic dancer and 2) Angel's friend Daniel brought a bottle of good whisky that got us nice and loose for Karaoke.

My first number for the night was Hit Me Baby One More Time by Brittney Spears, and boy was it a crowd pleaser! haha. Everyone was up and dancing, even Nick. It was great! A little later in the night, Nick managed to get a video of my rendition of Like a Virgin (it's a bit dark, but you can still manage to see me dancing with Eric a bit):

The night passed on with lots of singing, dancing, eating, and drinking and around 10:00 we sang happy birthday to Angel. Right before we sang, there was some joke in Chinese about chicken wings... I'm not sure what it was, but I managed to get this cute picture of Angel with the chicken wings:

At the suggestion of a friend of ours from work, Nick and I bought a tiramisu cake for the party and it was DELICIOUS! (There is a very popular tiramisu bakery on Wuchuan Road near it's intersection with Meicun Road)

Most of the night Nick manned the tambourine (he's not really into karaoke) But, toward the end of the night we even got Nick to sing a couple of songs; one of them was a duet with me of the song "Time of My Life" the theme song from Dirty Dancing. It was awesome. He's actually a pretty good singer. Here's a nice shot of us serenading each other, haha!

Eric also taught us a new drinking game. It's basically rock - paper - scissor with a little twist. To play you do rock/paper/scissor and then whoever wins has to do this little Chinese chant while both people have their hands flat on the table. At the end of the chant, you each lift up one finger and if you lift up the same finger, the person who lost rock/paper/scissor has to drink. It's very simple, but pretty fun. Nick and Eric had a grand old time playing:

All in all, I think Angel had a great birthday! We were at the KTV for about 5 1/2 hours and were definitely feeling a bit slow this morning as a result!

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