Thursday, December 24, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! from Ko Lanta


Well, we’re out of Indonesia and into Thailand!

I have to say it is quite a relief to be out of Indonesia. We saw a lot of cool stuff there and had a good time, but it is really hard to relax or enjoy a place when you have to constantly worry about getting ripped off. The never-ending harassment from the local population and the ridiculous inflation of the prices on everything from water to transportation was so exhausting and frustrating that I must say, we weren’t sad to leave the place.

Arriving in Thailand was like a breath of fresh air and with both of us feeling a little ragged, a week or two on the beaches of Thailand is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Nick’s been feeling a bit under the weather, so our first priority here in Thailand was to RELAX. We did a brief stop on Ko Phi Phi island, but weren’t feeling up for any activities and the scene was a bit loud for us, so after one day hanging out on Long Beach, we headed for peaceful and quiet Ko Lanta.

(Long Beach, Ko Phi Phi Island)

We went as far south as possible on the island to escape the crowds and have found ourselves on this little private beach with turquoise waters, no waves, and very few people. It’s the perfect place to recharge before we head out for the rest of our adventure.

The place we're staying at has a funky little vibe, very laid back and relaxed.

Last night, they even had a Christmas party with a little Christmas tree and some Christmas music! So we were able to get in the spirit a bit.

Being away from home for Christmas is of course not ideal, but I guess you can’t complain when you’re spending the holidays in paradise!

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