Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Have Friends!!!

Wooo Hooo, our friends are here!!!
Within 48 hours of Nick and I arriving in Phenom Phen, all of our friends had arrived at our hotel! Our first activity as a group was to go on a sunset cruise along Phenom Phen's riverfront.

One of the great things about having friends around now is that it gives Nick and I a bit of a break from haggling and hunting for transport and accommodation. Clair and Meg did a lot of work to get us on this boat before the sun set - within 15 minutes our price quote went from $25 to $50! Clair finally settled on $30 for an hour boat ride for 9 people and we got out on the water just in time to catch the sun set.
Nick and Renee getting on our boat 
It is awesome to have some friends around! Meg and Ross will be staying with us for a week and Clair and Neil will travel with us for 2. Renee is on a vacation with her boyfriend and his mom, but they'll be coming down to the beach with us for a week as well!
 the sun sets over Phenom Phen

the Royal Palace

And so just like that, our backpacking trip is transformed, temporarily, to a vacation with friends.

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