Thursday, April 1, 2010

Photo Shoot on the Beach

While in Ha Long Bay, we had an entire day to hang out at the beach on our own little private island. Since it’s not exactly the best beach weather, Nick, Aimee, and I were the only three people on the island for the day.

We spent most of our time reading and relaxing, but in the middle of the afternoon, Aimee and I had an awesome idea. We rounded up some of the resort’s resident reindeer and headed to the beach for a photo shoot. Here is some of our best work:

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  1. Hey there! you don't know me, I went to High School with Amy. I saw her profile pic on facebook and was wondering what all the colorful little guys were about...Hilarious! I love your blog, you write awesome and I love the photo shoot, that's probably something I'd find myself doing too, it made me laugh pretty hard. That looks like a very beautiful, peaceful place to visit one day. Thanks for sharing! :)