Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Project 365: Day 4

Today I am in St. Louis, Missouri for the first of three days here on business. My one and only stop this afternoon was the St. Louis University Chemistry Department to check out their 400MHz spectrometer. It was a gorgeous February day - warm enough to walk through campus with my jacket on my arm. As I walked along, I looked up and noticed the sun peaking through the late afternoon clouds and illuminating a group of flags that were perched atop one of the campus buildings. It was the perfect opportunity to snap my picture of the day :

 And then I carried on my way. 15 minutes later, I'm sitting at a desk with my customer when I look down at my left arm and blurt out - in the middle of my meeting - "o my god! did a bird poop on me!?"  Customer is sitting there a bit stunned as I carry on, "well it could only be bird poop or toothpaste, and there's no way I got toothpaste on that part of my arm.... I can't believe it! A bird pooped on me on my way over!" And after a little chuckle, we just carried on with our meeting... just me and him and some bird poop!

The poop stayed on my arm for another hour or so before I got to my hotel - snapped my real picture of the day - and promptly cleaned it off with a Shout! wipe from my bag.
The nerve of that bird!!!

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