Thursday, May 7, 2009

Karaoke.... In a Cab!?

Would you could you in a Cab?
I would, I could Cab!

Would you could you on a Train?
I would, I could on a Train!

I'd Karaoke on a Train,
I'd Karaoke on a Plane!

I'd Karaoke in a Cab,
I'd Karaoke with my dad!

I'd Karaoke here or there,
I'll Karaoke anywhere!!!

That's right folks.... I am NOT making this up! This weekend, I was actually in a taxi cab that had KARAOKE!!! (or KTV as the Taiwanese call it)

My friends and I were riding in a cab this weekend when we noticed that the TV in the front dash of the car was playing music videos with the words to the songs on them... just like KTV videos.

So, I asked the driver: Ni yo may yo mai ke feng? (你有沒有麥克風?) - Do you have a microphone?

And sure enough, he pulls out a full sized microphone! The thing was wired into the cab's speaker system! HAHA!!!

Just when you think you've seen it all!

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