Friday, June 19, 2009

Karaoke at the Gym!?

Just when I think I've seen it all, I'm surprised again.

Since living in Taiwan I have been going regularly to the World Gym here in Taichung. They have some great spinning classes and I usually go a couple times a week in the morning. Last week, however, my schedule was moved around a bit and I ended up attending a spinning class on a Friday night.

At first glance, this was a class just like any other class I'd been to before. The instructor had a little microphone on and would occasionally sing along with his music track, but over the last couple of months I've gotten used to the instructors serenading us during the class - it always puts a smile on my face.

It wasn't until about 15 minutes into the class when the instructor played a remix of "We will rock you" when I realized that this class was special. During the song, all of the class participants join in the chorus - so the song says 'we will we will' and then everyone says "ROCK YOU!"

The first time I was in the class, I assumed that this would be an isolated incident, but I turned out to be wrong. (as I typically am). There was lots more singing to come!

Of course the participants weren't singing continuously during the spinning class (due to the fact that we were all vigorously exercising), there were small parts of many songs that everyone would burst out singing in unison throughout the evening. It was awesome.

Last night I revisited the class with my digital camera so that I could capture the awesome-ness! Check it out:

One of the things that I love about the class is that the instructor chose a lot of songs that are popular karaoke (KTV) songs here in Taiwan to play during the work-out. So, even though at some parts the whole class can't sing together, the instructor has his own private audience for indulging himself in a KTV sing-a-long.

(in this video the instructor is singing the parts the class isn't!)

What a wonderful country Taiwan is for those of us who love Karaoke and sing-a-longs!


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  2. I haven't visited in like 2 weeks and have a lot of new posts to read, yes, I love when that happens! I wish that spin classes here were like that. Or, that I could come to you and go to that spin class. AWESOME.