Friday, June 26, 2009

Zorbing in Kenting

I just got back from a great trip to Kending and there is so much that I want to tell you all about!

On the first full day of our 3-day trip we were on our way to the Kending National Forest when we stumbled upon a Zorbing Place! Zorbing is an activity where you basically get inside a huge bouncy ball and roll down a hill.

I had been Zorbing once before in Rotorua, New Zealand (pictured above and posted here) so when I first surveyed the Kending sight - with a noticeably smaller and less developed Zorbing hill - I thought 'eh, been there, done that.'

My friends, however, were very keen to try it out, so I decided to go along for the ride... and I definitely wasn't disappointed.

Being that it has been 6 years since my last Zorbing experience, I had forgotten how much fun it is to do something as ridiculous as roll down a hill inside a huge rubber ball! But let me tell you, it's definitely worth the $200NT fee!

As with anything that has been imported to the island, our Zorbing experience had it's own little Taiwanese twist - can you guess what it is???

If you guessed KTV, you're right!

ok, ok, there isn't exactly KTV inside the Zorb, but... kind of! There was actually a microphone affixed to the inside of the Zorb so that everyone watching from the top of the hill can hear all of the fun that you're having inside the Zorb. How awesome is that!?

My friend Claire took two videos of Nick and I Zorbing. The first is us getting climbing inside (with a shot of the microphone!) and the second is a video of us going down the hill - thanks to the microphone inside the Zorb, everyone can hear just how much fun we're having!

It's a great way for those watching or waiting their turn to get involved in every one's individual Zorbing experience (not to mention a great sales tool!)

I'm constantly amazed and delighted at the Taiwanese people's insatiable appetite for KTV and microphones! I love it!

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  1. complete with the dumb karaoke echo on the mic....