Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Sights of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city surrounded by a moat in northern Thailand, and is considered the “cultural center” of Thailand. Nick and I spent a whole week there, and here are some of the sites we took in while we were there.

a view of the moat

In addition to hanging out in the city, we also took two days to go up to the mountains on a “Trek” (which is an expensive guided hike). The trek included an hour riding elephants, a visit to a waterfall, and spending a night in bamboo huts. Somehow we ended up on a trek of 14 people (including us) of which, 12 were Korean. Here are some pictures from the trek.

our guide made a peter-pan hat for me from a huge leaf. I'm pretty sure was an alcoholic, BUT he was a great guide, even if he was a little boozed up.

albino praying mantis

This is a step ladder leading wayyyyyyyyyyy up into the tree where the bees make their nests - so the locals can harvest the honey.

local woman who cooked our meals for us

our luxurious accomodations

a view of the village from the hillside

lone hiker

behind the waterfall!

our fearless guide

me and my elephant

a ride through the river

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