Thursday, January 21, 2010

ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzIP! (Jungle Flight Zip Line)

One of the most fun things Nick and I did in Chiang Mai was the Jungle Flight zip line tour. High up in the mountains over Chiang Mai, Jungle Flight has strung zip lines throughout a towering rubber tree forest. Before this trip I had no idea how tall rubber trees were, but I’d say they’re on par with the sky-high redwoods of California.

At its highest point, you’re gliding through the air over 120 meters above the ground. The zip lines are fast and the views are amazing – the best view I saw during our stay in Thailand was from the middle of their longest zip line (300 meters!), the mountains around Chiang Mai are absolutely breath-taking.

We went on 20+ zip lines + 3 abseils, the highest being from 40 meters! He dropped us so fast, it felt like a free fall most of the way down.

Here’s our guide coming down head first!

Flying from tower to tower was a blast and they even let Nick and I do it together a couple of times.

In between we made our way down spiral staircases and across suspension bridges (clipped in the whole time - safety first!)

I have to admit, although I felt completely safe, I had butterflies in my stomach at almost every platform, we were seriously high in the air. Flying through the jungle, I felt as free as a bird – it was a day well spent, we had a blast!

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  1. I have to comment on the Happy Ending sign - just have to. How come Nick is wearing a shower cap, is he afraid of lice?