Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project 365: Day 200

The search for the perfect quiche continues.....
It began over a year ago when I made my first quiche and accidentally used sweetened condensed milk instead of regular condensed milk - that one tasted like candy coated eggs. We basically ate the crust and the cheese on top and nothing else. It was pretty bad!

Since then I've had endless problems with quiche that wont set, takes forever to cook, and is mushy and wet in the center. I finally figured out that it's because I don't drain my veggies well enough before I put them in the middle, in particular the spinach which apparently gets very wet when cooked.  I think I finally learned my lesson because this quiche was perfectly cooked on the inside. BUT it was a bit over done on top.... so the quest continues. 

I feel it though... the perfect quiche is within my grasp!

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