Friday, September 14, 2012

Project 365: Day 203

Happy Birthday TOM!!!!
Crystal and Tom are basically the best. They moved to Denver less than a year ago and I actually met them on the night I started Project 365 (they were at the wine party).  It was Tom's birthday, so Crystal surprised him with an 80's party and let's just say good times were had by all!  As a side note, the entire country must be having 80's parties this week because it looks like the 80's walked into H&M and Forever 21 and threw up all over the stores. It was good for us though, we got some awesome gear!
 Robyn and I actually purchased these outfits at the mall on Friday. The 80's is back with a vengeance folks!
 Ashley, on the other hand, owned that gem of a skirt. Her shirt came courtesy of Goodwill.
 Katie has some serious moves, good thing she wore that wind suit to keep things real. She was teaching us all how to Dougie.
 Even the guys got into it!

The couple of the night! I know where Crystal went shopping because I almost bought those same pants!
On another note, Cottle is back in Colorado!!! We're both happy to have Nick's best man back in the state - he's already working on his toast!!

The icing on this totally awesome 1980's cake? My purse is full of pop rocks, pixi sticks, and now and laters! O yeah, and they have an AMAZING view from their rooftop!

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