Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Project 365: Day 327

Let it Snow!!!
Or don't! Because I wasn't properly attired and my rental car company forgot to give me a snow brush in my car! This morning I had to walk through several inches of snow to get to my car (in heels!! i didn't bring my boots!). Then, I had to use my arm to brush off all the snow. It got all over my feet and my pants, so I only did the front and back windows and figured I could just get the sides by rolling down the windows. BUT instead of falling off the windows, the snow fell into my car!!! So everything was just covered with snow. My feet were wet and cold the ENTIRE day! And after 9 hours at the office, I got back in my car and there was still snow in it!!! It hadn't even melted!!! booo! Snow on the slopes: GOOD. Snow in my high heels: NOT GOOD!!!

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