Monday, January 28, 2013

Project 365: Day 339

In Strasbourg, France for a week-long meeting for work. The days are LOOONG and happen completely within the confines of a Hilton hotel which might as well be anywhere in the world, but for the evening, we get to escape! Tonight, we made our way through the town of Strasbourg to find a FABULOUS local restaurant near the cathedral in the center of town. So... we got a little lost on our way....
 But even in the dark, the town is gorgeous: 
 The best part of the walk was getting lost around the cathedral - I could walk around this thing all day (or all night) long! It is because of this cathedral that the entire city center was designated a world heritage site. It was breathtaking:

We finally did find the restaurant and had a FABULOUS meal (ok vegetarians and animal rights activists stop reading now). I had fois gras for the first time ever, and it was ah-mazing! Then for my main course I just asked the waiter to bring me his favorite dish and he brought me veal cordon creme, which is basically veal wrapped around a creamy french cheese and then breaded and fried. It was an amazing meal and I was lucky to share it with a bunch of great US, German, and Canadian colleagues... good times were had by all.

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