Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Project 365: Day 103

You know when you get to the very end of the day and then you're like "CRAP! I forgot to take my picture of the day!!" Dang it.

We went out with my cousin (well technically my mom's second cousin's brother-in-law) for dinner and a cold one last night and all day I was planning to take a picture with Brian for my picture of the day. Then I totally spaced it. (we had a lovely evening, by the way) So instead just before bed I settled on a completely lame picture of my desk. But look how clean it is!!!!
sorry for the lame-o picture, BUT I'm going home tomorrow for a fun-filled week of celebrations - Katie's birthday, Ashley's bachelorette party, fathers day BBQ, wedding dress shopping, and my twin brother's wedding - get ready for some exciting pictures of the day coming soon!! :-)

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