Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project 365: Day 109

I found my dress!!!!! Home for Buddy's wedding, it was the perfect chance to get together with my mom, sister, Aunt Laurie, and some of my best friends, Brie and Nathan, to go dress shopping. 

I have to say, when we walked in I was almost having a nervous breakdown. I was completely overwhelmed.  First, because I really don't like shopping and second because I really don't like dresses. I also prefer to go shopping alone because I have pretty bad taste and can't take all the pressure of having witnesses to my poor choices. Fortunately, we got the best bridal consultant ever (Ashley) and my supportive and capable entourage pulled every single dress for me. With my friends and family choosing the dresses, and Ashley helping me to get in and out of the dresses, my only job was to show off the duds enjoy myself.  I spent over two hours trying on dresses and it was a blast.

At the end of the appointment we had narrowed it down to one final dress but planned to grab lunch and then head to one more salon to try on more dresses, just to make sure that I had the right one. My dad came to meet us for lunch and by the end of the meal he had convinced me to go back to David's and get the dress I really wanted (and being the most amazing dad ever he bought it for me!) 

We went back to David's and I got all decked out and rang the bell to celebrate that I had found my dress. Of course you'll all have to wait until the big day to see the actual dress, but here is a picture of the family to commemorate the experience. It was a great day!!!
and by the way, my dress is AMAZING!!! I can't believe I have to wait 10 months to wear it again!!!!!

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