Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project 365: Day 113 and 114

After the wedding, we headed straight to Wilksbarre to celebrate the high school graduation of two of Nick's cousins. They actually planned to have one party on Saturday and one on Sunday for another out of town relative, but it just so happened to work out for us - we got to attend both!
It also worked out for me, because after 5 years together I still had never met this side of Nick's family (it was about time!) and I had two days in a row to get familiar with all of the faces and how the family tree worked.  We had two fabulous days of sunshine, good food, and family.
(my future mother-in-law, Ginger, and my future niece, Peyton!)

AND I asked Nick's niece, Peyton, to be our flower girl - to which she replied "I think I'm going to faint!" It was a great weekend.

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