Monday, April 8, 2013

A Gift From My Groom

Nick and I (ok I) decided to give each other gifts the day of the wedding. About a week before the wedding I reminded Nick that he needed to have a gift ready for the big day. It was important to point out that this gift (unlike my Christmas gifts) had to actually be in hand and ready to open ON the wedding day - not a week or two later.  At this point he acted like he had never heard of this gift idea! "A gift!?" he exclaimed, he had already given me quite a hefty gift (the engagement ring) and wasn't this whole wedding thing getting a little out of hand!? But, being the good sport that he is, he agreed to get me one more present to commemorate our union. 

Next thing I know it's three days before we're head to the mountains, and Nick offers to take one of our early-arriving guests back to her hotel so that he can go "shopping" for my gift while he's out.... at midnight! At that point I was convinced he was headed to Walmart to troll the aisles for a last minute gift. 

Nick assured me that it wasn't a last minute panic, but I could not for the life of me think of what he was getting me at Walmart that would be worthy of giving on our wedding day and opening in front of a professional photographer for posterity... but of course, my Fiance had something up his sleeve.

So the day finally comes. I'm just about to put my dress on and head up the mountain, when I remember that we need to first open my gift. I sit down and open the package as instructed (Nick had ran out of wrapping paper and scotch tape and instructed me that it was imperative that I open the box from the side that had the clear packing tape on it). 

The first thing I found was a card...
but it was no ordinary card - it was a birthday card. The same exact birthday card that I had given to nick just one month ago for his birthday.  And it was appropriate because Nick had decided that since I was in Europe for work on my birthday this year, it didn't actually happen (which by the way means I will be turning 29 again next year, not 30!). So I didn't get a birthday card or a present! (I KNOW!?) Since I'm a forgiving soul, I let it slide - this time - but made a point to let him know that from now on (until death do us part), birthdays absolutely require birthday cards and fan-fare!

So I read the very sweet card that he gave me and then start to dig into the present, and couldn't believe my eyes when this is what I found:
a box FULL of cards. So, I opened one more:
It was another birthday card! "So your 50" it said.
and then on the inside he wrote, "It's crazy to picture us at 50. Are we retired yet? Or is life simply to great to be retired? I love you, Nick."
and then all the girls went:
I opened one more
and then I realized that Nick had given me a birthday card for every year basically for the rest of my life (actually, until I turn 100), so I will never have a birthday without a birthday card again. Now is that the best gift you can ever get from a Walmart, or what!? I have a little video of the whole thing, the opening of this present doesn't start until about 2 minutes in, but there are a couple other little things (getting ready, me on the phone with my grandpa...) before that.
I have to say... his gift beats my cigars hands down! Best Husband Ever!!!

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