Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm A Bride on Skis!

Nick and I decided to have a winter ski wedding basically as soon as we got engaged (I do have to give him credit for that idea!) and as soon as I saw pictures of this bride snowboarding at Granby Ranch:
I knew that we were going to get married at Sol Vista at Granby Ranch and I knew that I was going to ski in my dress. The only problem was finding a photographer... because while I loved the idea of the bride above, I wanted my pictures to look more like this:
and so... I hired that photographer! I am completely convinced that Steve Z is the best photographer in Denver. We interviewed quite a few and he certainly is the only photographer who, when I told him I wanted to ski in my wedding dress, said "totally! no problem, I can just strap my gear on my back and ski down with you guys!"  He is a phenomenal skier and basically skied backwards for two entire runs with us so that he could snap pictures of us skiing. It was pretty freekin' cool!
This photo was actually shot by his assistant who was also an amazing skier!
We took two runs after the ceremony. The first one, was with about 20 of our friends and it was absolutely the most fun ski run I have EVER done. Everyone was cheering (including people we didn't know on the mountain and on the ski lift above us) and the energy was just off the charts. It was an absolute blast!!
When we got to the bottom, we were welcomed by a huge crowd of our non-skiing guests, all hooting and hollering for us!

 we had a quick smooch for all the cameras...
and then we hopped back on the lift for our second run.
The second run was just the two of us and the photographers and it was almost as much fun as the first.
Steve had scoped out a run for us that had some fun little obstacles (for the kids) and we had a blast skiing through them together!
Did you notice yet that I'm wearing pink skis to match my wedding dress? My friend Randi hooked me up from the ski shop she works at! I LOVE THEM!

Ok, I'm not quite the extreme skier that other bride was, but to give me some credit, those pictures were taken the day after her wedding! At the time we took these ones, I still had to go inside and our formal portraits, and make it to my reception in one piece! BUT We had a TON of fun on our two runs - it certainly made for a memorable day, and between the bridal party yoga (at 7am) and the two ski runs, I'd say I got more exercise on my wedding day than the average bride! Not too shabby!

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  1. These photos are so beautiful! I really enjoyed getting to know you both, and wish you all the best!

    Teresa Hill