Friday, April 12, 2013

Something Old, Something New....

I am super lucky to have some amazing women (and men) in my life who helped me put together my wedding-day ensemble. (It was certainly the most beautiful that I've ever worn!)

First, there is my bestie, Nathan, who picked out my biggest "something new," my dress (which was White by Vera Wang, from David's Bridal):
For my somethings borrowed and something blue, I have my Aunt Laurie, my mom, and my sister to thank. Allie gave me my something blue: a Penn State garter (how appropriate!!!)
It's pictured here with my first something borrowed: a bracelet from my Aunt Laurie. My second borrowed was a bracelet from my mom that was pinned to my flowers (see it hanging over my fingers?):
It was really important to me to get something borrowed from my mom because (1) she's my mom and (2) she and my dad have been together since they were teenagers and have lived as an amazing example of what a supportive and loving marriage should be. Actually, both of my somethings borrowed as well as my something old are from women who have marriages that I hope to emulate in my life with Nick. I hope that having these little mementos from them with me on my wedding day will somehow help their marriage juju to rub off on me!
Which brings me to my something old: a hankie from my Grandma Joan
Due to health reasons, my Grandma couldn't make it to the wedding (well to be fair, were at 9,000 feet above sea level, on snow, and she is in her 80's!) but it was really great to have a little piece of her with me during the ceremony. (also pictured here are my new earrings)
In my hair, I wore custom made barrettes. They were made from molds of actual succulent flowers and then cast in pewter, just for me, by my dear friend Nathan!
I don't have a great picture of them in my hair, but here's a side view so you can get an idea. They were great! (also note my wedding-day ski gloves!)
For the ceremony, I wore fleece-lined tights under my dress (they were so warm and cozy!) pink ski socks, and my fabulous Sorel boots!
Which brings me to my shoes... Ooooo my shoes! I love my shoes, all three pairs of them!
My formal shoes were Badgley Mischka Cissy heels, and I was basically in love with them!
I also had a little cropped jacket to keep me warm during the ceremony (and subsequent skiing!) and a scarf (hand made with love by my awesome Aunt Laurie) to keep me warm!
And then, of course, there were my amazing flowers
which had a little nod to my inner razzelberry hidden among my flowers:
(yes, those are actually on-the-vine raspberries!)

But let's not forget my favorite accessory of the entire day:
My brand-spankin' new husband! Not too shabby himself, huh!? (I should mention, he picked out his own ensemble all by himself, and I was very impressed!) What a handsom groom I have:
I am a lucky girl!

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