Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fame Strikes Again!

As I mentioned before, being a foreigner here in Taiwan has given me all kinds of unique opportunities that certainly wouldn't be as readily available to me if I were in the US.

I've already been in an
infomercial, and a company advertisement. Today I also filmed a second infomercial, this one for the company that I actually teach for. And now, along with my acting, modeling, and product endorsement, I can add "voice over work" to my resume!

These videos are from 2 separate recording sessions with the same producer that did my Cotex commercial. It was a fun experience and I got paid pretty well, about $1000NT ($33US) per hour.

Along with the actual voice recording, I was responsible for editing the scripts. For example, the fertility clinic ad originally said that they could help you "successfully breed a baby"and boasted of a high "success rate of test tube baby." Needless to say, editing these was no easy task! Especially for the second video because, at the time, I had no idea what this contraption was that they were writing about!

Anyway, here are my videos! I'm telling you - this is one girl who's star is rising!

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