Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Poem from my Grandma

My Grandma Joan always writes me awesome poems when I travel. Just last night I was reading two old ones she sent me, one from when I was in South Africa and one from when I first arrived here in Taiwan. Then today I got a new one!

Here is the poem my Grandma just wrote for me about this blog and my travels here in Taiwan:

What's It Like to Take a Hike in Taiwan

Once upon a time
said Rachel from the Burgh
I could turn my word
into a BLOG!

Now that I'm traveling in China
Nothing really could be finer
than to show the world
and the folks back home
what fun it is
to take a foreign roam.

What a hooter
I've got a scooter
Traveling over hill and dale
How much thinner is the trail!
The little tiny homes
On a tiny, tiny street
Where else could it be
this unique?

Sharing pastimes and pleasures
more night than day
And "so convenient"
always being their say.

And islands just
6 miles or so
What a lovely spot
where we can go
and a ride in
a snug and comfy cab
what fun to be able
to sing or gab!

And at other spots
we dance a lot
always with
a smile we've got.

And all the things we
see or do
is so much fun
because it's new.

A happy people
that's for sure
by living on their
Taiwan shore.

Our blog can help us
where e're we go
to help others enjoy
the Taiwan show!

She's pretty awesome, huh?
Thanks Grandma!

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