Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KTV in a Box....

Would you could you in a BOX?
I would I could in a Box!

I'd Karaoke here or there,

I'll Karaoke anywhere!!!

Last night, Nick and I went out with a group of friends to a "fun center" called Tiger. I guess Tiger's main feature is a small bowling alley, but they also have a nice array of arcade games, batting cages, and other fun things to do.

We had a great time there bowling and playing arcade games...

And just before heading up to the batting cages, we spotted this little gem:

It's the Fun Song Bar - Karaoke in a Box!!!

The box is split into two little sound-proof rooms and for a small fee of $20NT (less than $1 US) per song you can sing your heart out.

Of course, this was something I wanted to try - I LOVE karaoke and I'm determined to do it in every possible setting - but we had couldn't do it right away. We had to wait for our turn, of course! This is a popular attraction - notice that both of these little rooms were full when I took this picture!

But it was worth the wait! We chose to sing Madonna's Like a Virgin - a karaoke classic!

Four people in that little box was a bit tight - and HOT - but it was the best $20 NT I've ever spent!

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