Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project 365: Day 258


If you recall about two months ago, I did my first round of freezer meals. I made 8 meals in 2 hours, stored them in gallon freezer bags, and saved them for cooking on days that we had no food in the house.  In theory the idea was great. We absolutely LOVED having meals ready to go in the freezer. They were relatively healthy, had lots of veggies, and were especially great for Mondays or my first day back in town from a business trip (because we're always out of food when I come home from traveling!)

The problem with round one was that none of the meals were particularly good. They were all pretty bland, the flavor wasn't very balanced, and in general they were pretty disappointing.  SO yesterday I threw the last bag in the crock pot and went shopping for round two.

I found a new set of recipes at Six Sister's Stuff and went to town. This round was different because instead of making two batches of 4 meals, I actually just made 8 completely different meals.  There were some things I probably would never make on my own (like broccoli chicken Alfredo) but I decided to just follow the blog as-written for my first go-around.  

So I went shopping, bought a TON of stuff, and got to chopping! Two hours later, my freezer looked like this:
I've got BBQ spare ribs, black bean taco soup, chicken broccoli Alfredo, chicken cacciatore, french dip sandwiches, hearty beef stew, maple Dijon chicken, and cilantro lime chicken w/ corn and black beans.  Hopefully this round will be better than the last. It should take us well into January!!!

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