Saturday, November 17, 2012

Project 365: Day 267

Happy Birthday to Matt!!!  Jessie, Robyn, and Matt had us all over for a little gathering before we headed out to the new bar in town to celebrate Matt's birthday.
After a couple of games of Cards Against Humanity and Hammerschlagen, we walked down the street to Punch Bowls Social - the new bar in the Baker District. It is a HUUUUGE place, 24,000 square feet, in a building that used to be a Big Lots and It just opened up on Friday so it was absolutely packed. They do have some kinks to work out, BUT I have to say it is a pretty amazing place.  It's a bar with bowling, shuffle board (the bar kind AND the real kind that old people play on cruise ships!), marbles, darts, ping pong, foose ball, pool, video games AND a coffee house and diner all in one! It's pretty amazing and overall a great addition to the neighborhood.
 FUN night!!!

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  1. The 2nd to last photo is ridiculous, and the last one is SO cute! Awe!