Thursday, November 22, 2012

Project 365: Day 272

This year, I am most thankful for my amazing fiance and our impending nuptials!! YAY!!!!

But there is lots more to be thankful for, including my amazing group of Denver friends who allowed me to have TWO glutenous days of Thanks!  Our first Thanksgiving (on the actual day) was at Kyle's parent's house. Smiley Kyle, as we now know was his childhood nickname
and his sister Kim
invited us to their parent's house for Thanksgiving. Their parents moved to Denver this year from Jersey to be near their kids and they live in an amazing bungalow in Wash Park - just like my parents are going to do one day!! I already told Debbie and Lee that they are going to be best friends with my parent's and Aimee's parents and then one day our three families are going to have an UBER Thanksgiving!! I can't wait! 
In the meantime, we had an incredible time at their house on Thursday, they are just wonderful people. The food was fabulous (including a HUGE spread of cheesy casseroles!)
and bacon Brussels sprouts (which I had never eaten before due to the fact that my papa used to make my mom eat her Brussels sprouts - which she hated - and so I have made it 28 years into life without ever having tried them!)  
They were delicious!

My butternut squash dish was pretty well received
despite the fact that just a couple hours earlier it had looked like this:
(so for anyone who is keeping track, I managed to provide TWO mangled dishes to this Thanksgiving! Thanks to Nick for saving my pie and Jessie for saving my butternut squash!!!)
Regardless of my little mishaps, the food was AMAZING and I had probably one of the biggest and least healthy Thanksgiving plates of my life:
and I think I did a pretty good job on it too:
After a little post-dinner stroll, the guys settled in the basement to play old-school video games while the ladies played charades upstairs... Good times were had by all!!! 

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