Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project 365: Day 281

no, not my birthday or Nick's birthday.... Albert's birthday!
It was seriously the BEST birthday EVER! Beginning the night at Dry Dock Brewery for some fabulous seasonal beers (Gingerbread Winter Ale, Sweet Potato Stout, Raspberry Pomegranate Porter!) After a couple of brews, we headed next door for a roller skating party (Yes, a roller skating party!)

In my mind, I was going to rock out the rink just like I did back in 5th grade! In reality, most of us looked like this the whole time:
Regardless, though, we had a ton of fun in the rink, from the couples skate to the limbo:
Nick even got into the action!
And then the magic happened. We were on our way to grab some beer to take back to Albert's house for the rest of the evening, when we walked past Jumpoline - a building FULL OF TRAMPOLINES!!! It was open AND there was absolutely no one in there so we had the whole place all to ourselves! 
I don't think I've had this much fun at a birthday party since I was in elementary school!!
it was amazing!!

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