Saturday, December 22, 2012

Project 365: Day 302

Only 70-some days till the wedding and it's time for my bridal shower! My mom, Aunt Laurie, and sister did an amazing job of planning the whole thing. The highlight of which was the amazing cake they got made for me!!!
(Unfortunately Nick ate the snowboard and ski poles and was sick the entire day on Sunday!!!)
I got some amazing gifts for my new marital kitchen and had Tayla as my special deputy present opener.
Allie and my mom and Aunt Laurie got everyone to bring a recipe with them to the shower and gifted me a recipe book to hold all of them, so I'm starting off with some new ideas to try (maybe I'll even Pin them myself!)
 AND all my high school girls came to celebrate!
Thanks to everyone who planned and participated in my shower, it was absolutely wonderful!!

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