Sunday, December 23, 2012

Project 365: day 303

Sunday Grandpa Frank and Patty came over to celebrate Christmas early. Usually they come the day after Christmas, but this year the plan was for me to drive to Honesdale the day after Christmas so we had to switch it up. It worked out because Nick's family couldn't make it to my shower at the last minute because the roads were bad and since they were supposed to take Nick home for X-mas, we had to change plans. Now Nick and I are spending our first Christmas together (since Thailand) and we'll have to wake up super early on Christmas morning to drive to see his family. SO I'm glad we had planned ahead of time to have Grandpa and Patty come the day before Christmas.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures with our visitors, but I was able to see the little ones and watch them open presents, so that was pretty great! They are getting so BIG!!!
Todd got a 3D zombie book which was "SOOOO COOL"

and it was really cute to watch him so engaged in it. I hope he continues to read!!
And, since it was the last time all three of us would be together around the tree, we gave mom and dad their iPad early. Mom was ecstatic!!!

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