Monday, December 24, 2012

Project 365: Day 304

It's my favorite day of the year!! Christmas Eve. And for the first time ever, Nick is here to celebrate with me:
The night wouldn't be complete without Christmas cookies and Allie made some new ones she found on Facebook this year: melting snowmen sugar cookies
And of course, what is Christmas Eve without B52 shots!? We discovered these last year when my dad got a book of cocktails for Christmas. They are supposed to be a layered shot of Kahlua, Baily's, and Grand Marnier but ours always turn out a bit muddled, but they're delicious none-the-less.
It was a special treat to have the entire Brecht clan at the house!!!
and even more special that all of my grandparents were able to come:
Towards the end of the night we carried on the tradition of late-night family games with the Game of Things.
Although we had so many people at the table (and so many cocktails) that we were having a little trouble keeping track of the game, but we had a blast!
AND Buddy and Ashley even played!!!
Then, after everyone left, it was decided that no one wanted to wake up at 8am to open presents with me and Nick (before we drove to Honesdale), so we opened presents at 3am and then went to bed! Merry CHRISTMAS!!!

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