Tuesday, March 31, 2009

AHHH Chinese!

One of the things that I have to deal with here is that a lot of Internet pages think that because I'm logging on from Taiwan, my preference would be to see their website in Chinese. [ok, this is a logical assumption]

The good thing is that when this happens, it is typically very easy to find a button that said "English" and translate the page back into my own language... But there are two VERY noticeable exceptions to this that I encounter in my daily life: Facebook and Myspace!

This is very annoying! Neither site takes into account that I'm logging on with an account registered in the US that I have been accessing for years in English, and now both of the pages load in Chinese with no apparent way for me to change them into English. These are literally the only two websites I have found in the last two months that don't have a button to change them into English... it just doesn't make any sense!!!

It hasn't been toooooooooo much of a hassle (fortunately I'm so familiar with both sites that I can find my way around without English) but it's pretty damn annoying.

So when I log onto Myspace, this is what my page looks like:

And my Facebook page looks similar...

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