Sunday, March 29, 2009

My New "Chops"

The Taiwanese (and I believe Chinese) people have a very cool way of signing documents: they use stamps.

I think this is really neat. Instead of endorsing things with their signature, everyone has their own personal stamp (or seal) with their Chinese name on it that they use to endorse checks and sign legal documents.

Because Nick and I had to register our scooters last week, we needed our own set of "chops" to make things official. (When we signed our apartment rental agreement, we didn't have our own seals, so Nick had to use his thumb finger print in lieu of a stamp!) These are just some cheap little ones (cost about $1.50 USD) but I plan to get a real nice one to bring home as a souvenir before I leave.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty excited about it. It makes me feel a little like a local, haha. Check out my own personal seal:

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