Friday, March 13, 2009


Picture if you will - Nick in a shirt and tie with his new helmet (complete with visor) and a slick pair of sunglasses...

This was just the scene one morning on our way work when Nick had a flash back to his days watching "CHiPs" with his cousin Anne.

Nick had always had a secret desire to take Larry Wilcox's place as the character Jon, and so we decided to see what it would look like if he did. Check out my digital film production debut staring Nick a member of CHiPs.

** if you're getting this in an email, you have to visit my blog to see the videos**

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  1. I've got a pretty big list of Taiwan blogs on my sidebar, if you are hunting for more taiwan blogs to read......

    Also, do you want the raspberry pic to cover the whole header? I can show you how to do that.