Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our New Wheels

Big News!

Nick and I FINALLY have our own scooters! After spending almost every day this week working on buying and registering our scooters, we now have both of them in hand and registered under our own names. It's fantastic to have some freedom from eachother... now all the time we spend together is by choice and not because we're sharing one scooter.
Check out our new wheels:

Here's Nick on his new "Fuzzy 125" Yamaha scooter

And here's me on my "Jockey 125" Kymco scooter
And in case you were wondering, I failed my drivers test for the second time last Tuesday, so I'm not 100% street legal yet... but I'm pretty close!

In other great news, we met up with some colleagues for drinks on Friday night at a place one block from where we live. It has good, cheap food and REALLY cheap beer: 3 large bottles of beer for $100NT, which works out to about $1 US for a large bottle of beer... it's a good deal no matter what country you're in. And, it's pretty cool because this place is their regular hang-out and it just happens to be a stone's throw from our place! It definitely felt good to finally go out with a group of people, let loose, and throw a couple beers back.

We also found a great place to nurse a hangover: PJ's Cafe

We both had cheese steaks for breakfast and they were delicious! So it's good to know that anytime we're missing home, we can go down to this place and have a taste of home. (Although he doesn't have a PJ gobbler on the menu... yet).

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  1. Congrats! Good Luck on your driver's test. oh - and double congrats on finding the cheese steaks!