Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monkey Business

On Friday afternoon, Nick and I had some free time and decided to take a drive up to Encore Gardens to check it out. Encore Gardens is a 30 hectares area, with European and Japanese style gardens near Da Keng and it sounded like a fun little day trip. Unfortunately, it was closed! It looked like it's still closed for winter or something (although I haven't done the detective work to figure out the scoop).

We were already up in the mountains, so we decided to drive around and check out the sites. We ended up at the base of Da Keng trail 4. There was a camp ground and we took some time to explore the area before heading back down the mountain (we weren't prepared for a hike).

Before we headed home I took this picture from the trail 4 base:

I wasn't really expecting to see any monkeys, I just thought it was a funny sign. (Which is also why I took a picture of this sign:)

Anyway, we finished our little exploration and were on our way back down to the city when two monkeys ran across the road in front of us!!! They ran right across the road, up into a tree and just plopped down for a snack. So here we are, sitting on our scooter, just chillin' with two monkeys. Watching them eat some leaves.

Pretty F'in cool!

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  1. You were lucky! Monkeys can often be heard there, but they are seldom seen!

    Trail four is well worth hiking on... I blogged on it here. It has excellent views.