Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project 365: Day 26

Today I took a trip down to Pueblo, Colorado to visit a customer for work. It's a two hour drive south on the interstate from Denver and it was a beautiful day for a drive. As I was cruising down I-25 past Colorado Springs, I saw a sign for a scenic overlook. Typically I probably would have just drove right past, but with Project 365 in mind, I took a minute to stop and smell the mountains....

This picture was actually taken on my Blackberry (which, btw, is the worst phone in HISTORY) because my digital camera died yesterday. Technically Nick's digital camera that his mom bought for him for Christmas right before we left for Taiwan.

It was a faithful camera that's been to almost 10 countries, but it's time finally came. I think the end was brought on by an unfortunate incident in which it was dropped on a cross country ski trail (yes, in the snow) and left there for probably 10 minutes until someone found it. That was several weeks ago, so I'm surprised it lasted this long, but alas it's time has come.  But don't worry, I stopped at Best Buy on my way home from Pueblo and bought a new Canon Power Shot, so tomorrow we'll get to see what the new camera is made of!!

Until then, goodnight friends!

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