Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project 365: Day 34

Friday was our day to go to the San Diego Zoo, and I'll say we had a fabulous day! It was gorgeous outside, we (at least Nick and I) were feeling pretty good, and Jamie got called off work so he could hang out with us the whole day (and night - we later went out in PB with Chelsea).
Day 34 Picture of the Day:
We saw 4 awesome things at the zoo that I have never seen before:

(1) We just happened to come across tigers (Jess's favorite animal!) at snack time! The zoo keeper brought out a bowl full of chunks of raw meat and threw it into the den where the tigers would jump up on their hindquarters to catch it in their mouths. It was awesome!

(2) We also just happened to be walking past the jaguar enclosure as the zoo keeper was placing meat around the den for his snack time. Jess and I were front and center when they let the big cat out and it came running right over to us to grab a bite. It was literally two feet from us, chomping away on a big ol' bone - freaking cool!
(3) Nick spotted a monkey and an otter playing together!! YES I said a MONKEY and an OTTER. When have you ever seen such a thing!? They were in the same enclosure and it was a swamp monkey and a river otter and they were horsing around like two little puppies - it was awesome. And then a couple of the younger monkeys came over to harass the otter and the otter's older monkey playmate splashed the young'uns with water to keep them away from his otter friend. It was awesome.

(4) As we were rounding the back of the elephant enclosure, we came across an elephant getting a pedicure! seriously! They had these massive cages that are used for grooming, etc. and the cages have two holes in the front: one for the elephant's foot and one for it's trunk. So they have the elephant stick his foot out so that they can remove his calluses and all the while the elephant is sticking his trunk out of the other hole and another zoo keeper is continuously feeding him lettuce leaves to keep him occupied. It was hilarious, I loved it! (p.s. after walking around the zoo all day in flip-flops, they probably could use the same tools on my feet! haha)

All in all... spectacular day at the zoo!!!

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