Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project 365: Day 32

Vacation is going well. Unfortunately, I don't yet have a picture for day 31 because I lost my brand new camera somewhere in my apartment on Monday. I am determined to locate it, but unfortunately wasn't able to do so before we left for San Diego.  When I do find it, I'll post an awesome picture - taken by an old guy - of my family at disc golf.

In the mean time, I will have to make due with pictures from my Blackberry, like this one, my picture of the day for day 32:

Mr Jamie Hammer! We landed in San Diego at 6:30pm and spent a lovely evening out with Jess and Hammer celebrating our reunion. We ended the night at a local bar filled with lovely characters including a guy with dreadlocks who sits at the end of the bar creepily stares at the patrons and a 50-year old hippie who approached Jess and I with the pick-up line "are you guys single?" To his credit as soon as we told him we weren't he promptly moved on. It was probably the most efficient pick-up attempt I'd ever encountered. Unfortunately, a much younger guy sitting next to us took it as an opportunity for him to make his much less efficient move. Upon hearing us respond "no, our boyfriends are right here" he responded "can you believe that guy? So you like disc golfing, me too.... "

Ahhh the good times. We had a great night catching up and are looking forward to three more days in the 'Diego with good friends!!!

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