Thursday, October 11, 2012

Project 365: Day 230

So I'm walking through the University of Wisconsin, Madison today and much to my surprise, look what I saw:

I miss my scoot scoot more than anything else from Taiwan! ok well first my friends, then the food, and then my scooter - a VERY CLOSE third.
But the crazy thing about scooters in Wisconsin versus scooters in Taiwan is not that the actual scooters are different... it's the way that they park!

The scooter lots in Wisconsin are completely organized, spacious, and a good metaphor for the American view of personal space (and just for how much space we have in general here in the states).
In Taiwan, you would almost NEVER see a parking situation like this one. Everyone parked in their own scooter space, each with plenty of breathing room. No, in Taiwan it is completely taken as a standard that in order to park almost anywhere you have to physically move someone else's scooter to make room for your own.
Almost on a daily basis, I would roll up to the edge of the road, get off my scooter, and literally lift some random stranger's scooter off the ground and move it to the side to make room for my own. And this was OK. Not only OK it was expected! ahh Wisconsin, the land of milk and cheese... and endless scooter parking!!!

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