Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 365: Day 246

Time for our annual pumpkin carving party!! This year Jessie, Robyn, and Mat hosted it at their house. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for lawn games and pumpkin carving!!
Crystal pulled out my favorite - zombie pumpkin!
After the pumpkin carving was done, I played my first ever game of hammerschlagen.  Basically the game is played with a stump of wood with nails tapped inabout 1 inch. Each person gets their own nail and on their turn they get one swing in an attempt to drive their nail into the stump. The first one w/ their nail flush with the wood wins.  Nick was playing the game with a 'twist'... you flip the hammer in the air and catch it before you hit your nail. He was actually pretty good! (The rest of us played it safe without the flip, and he still beat us!)
The first time I ever saw this game was at another party here in Denver, where they played with an ax! I was NOT a fan of that version as tossing axes into the air whilst drinking beer doesn't sit well with me. This version was a bit more tame and so I decided to join it - and turns out... this game is FUN!

Once the sun set, we lit all the pumpkins and put on our costumes!
(my pumpkin all lit up!)
There were some pretty good costumes. We had Leonardo (of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Hulk Hogan, Pac Man and a Pac Man ghost, among others.
I didn't have a costume lined up so I went to Jessie and Robyn's basement and let the girls throw something on me. I think I ended up dressing up like my future self... I spent the rest of the night telling Nick that this was what he had to look forward to! haha.
One of my favorite costumes of the night was Cheato and Colleen who dressed up like characters from The Labrynth (the awesome 80's moving w/ David Bowie!)
 We ended the night out at the bar where Halloween was in full effect. We saw Bob Ross, Gonzo, and a very convincing Katy Perry! 

 The holiday season has officially begun!

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