Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama

OK, I finally have some time to write a post about our new President-Elect.

WOW, first I have to say how relieved that I am about this whole thing being over. Its good to know that Bush is officially on his way out and a breath of fresh air is on its way in. I have to say that it looks like the rest of the world agrees with me. I saw pictures and read news articles about people all over the world celebrating this election. Can you imagine the world's disappointment if we had voted in John McCain? I do believe that Obama will be able to bring America back to its place of influence and admiration throughout the world. God knows that the last 8 years have done a pretty good job of destroying that (along with our budget surplus!)

As everyone knows, this was a historic election. For the first time, we had candidates who looked different from each other, and weren't just old, white men. I would have been celebrating Barack Obama's win regardless of his skin color, I agree with him on most of the issues and believe in his ability to lead, but it was even more special because he is an African American. I was a part of history and one day I can look back and tell my children that Yes, I did vote for the first black president. That is awesome.

I felt a special sense of pride in our country for finally breaking down that barrier and showing the world, and more importantly our own citizens, that this truly is the land of opportunity. We have come a long way. I think that this is long overdue, but its here now and times, they are a changin'.

When Obama's win was announced, I was sitting in my living room with Aimee, finishing up dinner and watching NBC. As soon as the announcement came, there were people whooping and hollering outside, beeping their horns, and cheering the victory. Watching all of the people on TV over come with emotion... I have to say my eyes watered a bit as well.
This is history in the making. We were all part of it. And this is the beginning great things to come in the United States. That I am sure of.

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