Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congratulations Nathan McCarthy!

I am so proud of one of my best friends ever, Nathan McCarthy. An article was just published in the New York Observer about his fall fashion line.

At 24, Nathan is designing his own clothing line and rocking it. He even kind of mentioned me in the article (not by name) saying that in high school he helped his girl friends pick out their prom dresses.... Not only did he help me pick out my prom dresses, but I don't think I ever bought ANYTHING without his input. We did go together to my senior homecoming and I think I had the only date in the whole school that actually helped his date shop for her dress. He also independently picked out my jewelry and hair accessory.

My only regret now is that we don't live closer together so that he could still help me with my seriously lacking wardrobe.

Anyway, I miss him and I am very very proud of him. So go check out his article and support him!

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