Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you Google My Name

It's been a while since I Googled my name, so today, I decided to do so.

1) Facebook.... not too exciting

2) Poster Page... just a list of posters that were presented by my junior chem class

Tri State JV Girls 2000... the bane of my google existence

I cannot believe that after 8 years this is still in my top three Google results. This is the last cross country race I ever ran... just about the time I did not give a damn about the sport. AND if you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see that my sister and I came in last and second to last out of 118 runners!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!

I ran plenty of races where I was competitive. (OK well not really in XC, but in track as a sprinter) but none of those are up on the Internet! ooh the embarrassment!

There is one redeeming factor... number 4 on my google list is results from a 5K I did my first year in college (the
Moxie Thon) and not only did I place higher (111 out of 400+) my split went down from 10:46 (a pitiful mile) to 8:20 (a pretty good mile by my standards). But it still doesn't change the fact that the worst race I have ever run in my life is still one of my top three Google results!!!!

More from my Google search revealed that I was on the Deans list in 2005 at Penn State (

I also found a listing of all of the Denver Marathon participants and discovered that lots of people finished after me! (the last person crossed the finish line an hour and 10 minutes after me!) so I can feel good about myself for that. We can ignore the fact that the I crossed the finish line exactly three hours after the first finisher! (details, details)

Anyway, most of my Google results are rather underwhelming, a bunch of Facebook friends and race results. But there is one fun one. The Penn State Chinese Program still has a paper I wrote in Chinese posted up on the Internet (posted in the
Gallery of Students' Works). Its about my family and I think its pretty cool that its still up there....

The quality isn't very good here, but if you're interested (OK you probably aren't... but if you are) you can see it much better if you click on the link.

well that's all for my self-exploration today. now its time for girls night!

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