Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beastie Boys Rock

Last night I went to the Beastie Boys and Tenacious D for their Rock the Vote tour. It was awesome!

First, I was excited to see Tenacious D because in general I find them very entertaining. They definitely did not disappoint. They played all the crowd favorites including The Government Totally Sucks and Fuck Her Gently.... it was great. And for a little bit Jack Black played this weird instrument that looked like a Dr. Seuss saxaphone and it was awesome. I wish i could figure out what it was. It sounded pretty bizzare.

After Tenacious D, the Beastie Boys came out and fucking rocked the house! It was seriously awesome. I'm definitely not a big Beastie Boys fan, I loved License to Ill back in middle school, but since then I haven't really listened to them except for their few hits. But they kick ass in concert. I have to admit.... a lot of their songs do sound very similar, BUT the energy was awesome in the Fillmore and they were so much fun to see.

At one point, there was a girl in front of me who was dancing ridiculously and kept bumping into me. So I turned around and started backing it up into her and instead of toning it down or getting pissed like I thought she would, she turns to me and goes "Yeah Girl, You're Awesome! I love it!!" I was like, 'you kidding me!?' But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! So I just danced with her. haha. It was great.

Anyway, there are two points to this post: (1) Beastie Boys and Tenacious D was an AWESOME concert and (2) don't forget to vote today!!

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