Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Halloween weekend was AWESOME!
I have to say that I think it was my favorite costume that I have ever had. My friend Jaime was in town (we studied abroad together in South Africa) and she had the idea that we all (5 girls) dress up as crayons... she had seen some of her friends do it once before.

So Thursday night we went to the fabric store and picked out our fabric. I was hot pink "Razzel Berry" Jess was "Purple Fun Bag" Aimee was "Blue Ball" Ashley was "Rambo Red" and Jaime was "Ganja Green." Then, I spent all day Friday making the costumes with the help of the other girls. It was intense. There were five tube dresses to fit to everyone, they had to be hemmed top and bottom and then we had to make the black cutouts for the top and bottom of the crayon. I spent about 8 hours ironing (we used iron-on stitching stuff so that I didn't have to sew it all) but the costumes looked AWESOME! they were sooooo freaking cute.
We all went to the boy's house before heading to a concert for the night (and then later to the bar). At Nick's there was 5 crayons, a banana, Mario and Luigi, a hot dog, and a red neck (nick!). It was awesome.
Its hard not to have a good night when all of your friends are dressed up in awesome costumes. It was great.

Then Saturday in order to get over a hangover, we went to the Rio for lunch and had some margaritas... and stayed out for the rest of the night! Jamie (who was the banana the night before) still hadn't been home... he had crashed at my place, went straight to work, and then met up with us directly after Saturday afternoon. So he still had his banana costume in his back pack. As soon as I found it, I put it on and wore it for the rest of the night! haha. A good time was had by all.

Anyway, I basically wrote this post just because I wanted to put pictures up to show you how awesome our costumes were! haha. All of them are still looking good and I'm going to keep mine in case I ever want to wear it again!

The bar we went to Saturday night had a photo booth! --->

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