Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look what Nick Found!!!

So, last week Nick was driving through Taichung by himself and suddenly realized that he was not on the road that he thought he was on. He thought to himself, heck... I'll keep on driving and see where I end up. And look at what he found! -->

He just happened upon a 4 story buddah statue!!! These things just don't happen in the United States, do they folks? Ahhh, the perks of living in an Asian country!

So on our last day off (Tuesday) we were driving around the city and Nick decided to take me to the spot to check it out. (for anyone who is interested, This is located on JianShung Rd. east of Daya).

I'm still not sure what this place is called, because I guess its not important enough to be included on any tourist maps or in lists of "Must See" things in Taichung, although I surely think it should be. The Buddah is part of a Hindu temple, as is evident by the Hindu markings on his arm:

You can imagine our surprise the first time we saw this
marking! But we have recently learned that this is not a hitler-swastica; it is the marking for the Hindu religion. Ok... now we understand!

  • Anyway, the Buddah is pretty cool, so here are a couple more pictures from the site:

  • This is me in front of the buddah... for scale!

  • Here is Nick with a much smaller, but just as jolly, buddah!

  • This is the temple that the buddah belongs to. It looks like this new stone structure has been built around the original temple to protect it; however, this is just our speculation.

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