Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thoughts of the day

So, as I mentioned briefly before, Nick and I have rented a scooter until we have our resident visas and can buy our own. This picture is for Brandon who was wondering what Nick looked like on a scooter... pretty badass, huh? Nick has named our "Party 100" scooter "The Pink Panther."

(here, Nick is spreading the word of John Smith on the pink panther!)

For now, only Nick drives it with me sitting on the back. He did let me drive down the block once, but I almost drove it right across the street and into the police station, so for now, he's the only driver!

Anyway, things are going pretty well. Work has its good and its bad moments, but such is life. Tomorrow we get on a plane for Hong Kong to extend our visa. We get to take one paid day from work for it, and Friday and Saturday are our days off, so we have three days there. It should be fun! I'm looking forward to hearing, speaking, and reading english!!!

On another note, I want to write you a list, please read the whole list and try to figure out what these words have in common:
Memory (pronounced "mammory" if you have a Chinese accent)

Can you thinkof what they are? They are the English names of people we have met here! ahh, some things don't translate well. (we have also come across the names Dick Hung and Peter Pen)

Ok, thats all for now :-) I have to go research Hong Kong! be in touch soon!!!


  1. I am very happy that you also included that close up. At first I thought that Nick had some sort of black nylon biker pants on, as well as a gray turtle neck. I was very confused.

    Have a great time in Hong Kong!

  2. I'm with Ing, the close up clarified my wardrobe questions. Is it John Smith or Joe Smith?

  3. HAHAHAHA those scooter pictures are awesome!

    We miss you guys here in Colorado.

  4. Thanks for your posting. I'm originally from Taiwan, but grew up in the States. When I visit Taiwan, I always encounter many unusual names. I have a former Taiwanese colleague named, Fanny Ho(Ho-surname), but wanted more examples to explain to friends on my fb. It cracked me up on the inside the first time I was introduced to Fanny, but I'm too polite to ever ask her questions on her name.

    On the flip side, I have an apple pie friend in South Carolina, and his name is Michael think about that. LOL!