Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woody Woody Hoo Hoo!!!

Hey everybody!
I am officially posting from my own HOUSE!! We have INTERNET!!!

This is very exciting for me! If anyone is interested in chatting, I will now be available via Skype :-)

In addition to this good news, I wanted to tell you all that I've added a "Lunar Informer" widget to my blog. This was inspired by the daily Lunar Prophecy section of the Taipei Times (the English-language newspaper that we read everyday). Every day it tells you what phase the moon is in and says things like "today is a good day to install a new kitchen, it is a bad day for everything" or "today is a good day for getting engaged, it is a bad day for getting your hair cut."

In case anyone is wondering, today's lunar prophecy from the Taipei Times is:

Today is a good day for:
  • worshipping
  • moving house
  • praying for good luck

Today is a bad day for:

  • nothing

The lunar informer widget is not quite as straightforward as the one we get in the Taipei Times, but I thought you might enjoy this little piece of Chinese culture!

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  1. Hey - I am ingetz on Skype - what is your name? Contact me and we can chat!