Sunday, February 8, 2009

only 2 minutes!

WOW, ok I only have two minutes until my time is up here at the internet cafe! Things have been very busy settling into the working life, but we hope to have internet in our place within a week which should make life (and blogging!) much easier.

This morning we came to the internet cafe before work and while we were sitting her heard LOUD fireworks outside of the cafe. We both looked at each other and said "OK enough with the fireworks already!" They've been going off intermittently for the last week and 1/2 because of Chinese New Year.... at 8am, at 12am, and 11pm.... all hours of the day (depending on the day).

So we go outside and what do we see?? a parade! FUN!!! too bad i didn't have the camera :-(
the fireworks were off the chain.

ok times up!
gotta goo

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