Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shoe Sculpture Unveiled

[i just found this on my computer and realized that I forgot to post is a couple of weeks ago!]

This morning I was reading the January 31st issue of the Taipei Times (an English language paper here in Taiwan) and came across a short little blurb that I thought some people may find interesting.

The article begins by saying “A huge bronze shoe sculpture has been erected in tribute to the Iraqi journalist who grabbed instant fame when he threw his shoes at former US President, George W. Bush last year. The shoe, in which a tree has been planted, stands 3m high and sits atop a white pedestal in Tikrit.”

Who would have thought that hurling your shoe at a world leader would cause a sculpture to be unveiled to your tribute!

Well, as I said before, ½ of the world would line up for the chance to throw a shoe at Bush’s head (including myself!) so maybe the shoe sculpture is appropriate! Ha ha.

Go Obama!!!

******update: the shoe statue has since been dismantled, you can read about it here*******

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